Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to enable and configure Endpoint protection and configure Endpoint protection in ConfigMgr 2012

I have had a few emails asking how to install and configure Endpoint protection on configuration manager 2012,

Good news there is already a great "How To Guide" provided by the guys at windows-noob, the link is below.


This is for ConfigMgr 2012 RTM, but its practically the same for 2012 SP1.


When trying to create protection for SharePoint 2007 farm, DPM reports it is unable to contact the SQL server


This problem occurs when you are using SQL aliasing on SQL 2005 and beyond and you do not install the SQL client tools on the WFE's

You only need to configure protection of the SharePoint farm on one WFE, but ensure you install the SQL client tools on all the WFE's on the farm. But specifically I Installed SQL client connectivity tools on WFE server so that the aliases could be resolved by the SharePoint writer/wsscmdletswrapper

Any questions or comments please ask.